Concinal® is a dried, processed red sea algae from Brazil. It is in powdered form and will pass a #200 sieve, thus passing through most drip irrigation systems. Please see the attached data sheets about Concinal® for Crop Production and Turfgrass Applications. NovAgro LLC offers this remarkable product in Texas, and our associated companies have Concinal® available in Guatemala and El Salvador. Amazingly, Concinal® has demonstrated a doubling of the crop value of Cantaloupe (Muskmelon) when compared to the conventional production protocols of a major winter melon producer in Central America. Also, in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, a watermelon producer using Concinal® produced healthier vines, made pickable fruit 4 weeks ahead of the “check “ field, and continued producing greater yields of very high quality fruit well past typical harvest times. This on highly managed fields from the Valley’s leading melon producer.

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