Do you have a tired system?

Tired of the same old battles, the same old programs? Have you been studying ways (for years) to get higher yields and still balance the budget? Does the prospect of reducing input costs sound appealing to you? How about applying new methods, new learning and new products that are actually working with nature and not battling against it?

NovAgro LLC promotes new and practical concepts and products for tired systems. For the past century and more, the land has provided forage, grains, vegetables and livestock from finite resources. Those mineral, elemental and organic resources are being depleted and the microorganisms that created much of the fertility are diminished; meanwhile, the ability of the land to continue producing profitable yields of crops decreases. We might have salts, arsenates, poor tilth, low organic matter or percolation problems to deal with. These, coupled with rising costs of production, squeeze us ‘til we squeal like a pig.

We are NovAgro LLC, and we help with tired systems. Even with new third-generation pesticides, GMO crops, and the promised efficiency of new machines, we still have to face tired soils and even more tired producers. Allow us to show you a better way—not by replacing your ideas or ways, but by building upon your knowledge with additional options to solve age-old problems.

Your options may include rhizobial inoculants, nematostats, trace mineral replacement, nutrient spoon-feeding, plant stimulants or even pathogens’ ancient enemies. Our lines can help you, especially if you have not made any significant benefit/acre advances for a number of years. What is your crop? Is it salad crops or cucurbits? Sugar cane or small grains; hay, legumes or field corn? Is it poultry, cattle or aquatics? We have products that bridge the old to the new; a bridge that spans into the next generation of farmers and sustains the land.

Our manufacturers work with the land to help the producer increase yield while restoring balances in favor of production. Those balances could be bacteria-fungi ratios, truly available nutrients, pathogenic vs. beneficial nematodes, or any manner of ”earth to organism” interactions that affect your crop’s performance.

Our bilingual staff is ready to meet you; let’s both further your plans to meet the challenges of a new day in agriculture. So, we invite you to discuss with us the possibilities for change in your program, and put some life back into a tired system. NovAgro LLC, can help you put some ”Yip!” back into your vocabulary, and remove the ”Yikes!” come harvest or sale time.